"As a student at the University of Missouri, journalism is my passion..."

...and in two years, it will become my career.

About Me

Who am I?  I’m a sophomore at the University of Missouri who’s eager to tell stories, and I’m already getting a head start.  I hope you’ll stay with me as I make my way through school and into the newsroom.

more about me...

I grew up in Carmel, Indiana, a small city just north of Indianapolis. I’ve been there my entire life, so moving to Missouri was a new experience. I grew up with relatively large-market local news: WTHR and WXIN were the top local broadcasts, and “The Indianapolis Star” was our main newspaper. One day I’d love to return to Indy, but the smaller market of mid-Missouri brings its own charm as well as its challenges. I’m looking forward to working here for another two years, and who knows, I might even learn to call Missouri my home.

On the Radio

I report biweekly at the state Capitol for Missouri Digital News in Jefferson City. Reports from MDN are used across a variety of media, including NewsRadio 1120 KMOX in St. Louis. View my latest stories here.


On Television

I currently work for mid-Missouri’s NBC affiliate KOMU-TV as both a production assistant and online content editor. I have done ENG work for the station in the past and will become increasingly involved with them in the next few years. As I advance in school and enter my emphasis area of TV and radio reporting and anchoring, I’ll be increasingly involved with the station in the near future. (more…)