Mo. House Debates Omnibus Bill

Posted on Apr 11, 2012

This is a J2150 mobile reporting assignment.

JEFFERSON CITY – The Mo. House of Representatives debated a bill that would extend the current $4 surcharge for any criminal case. If passed, it would then include a person who has pled guilty and paid his or her fine.

However, the legislature also proposed several amendments to this “omnibus” bill that ranged from concealing the addresses of judges and law enforcement officers to allowing the use of data recovery software when investigating cyber crimes.

The majority of House proceedings consisted of discussion on the bill, which is the House Committee Substitute for HB 1256. Another amendment introduced by Boone County Representative Mary Still would change a few policies regarding online sex crimes. Those convicted of online sex crimes against teens aged 15 to 17 would face a Class D Felony.

The House ordered an amended version of the bill perfected and printed at the end of the day. It contained 9 separate amendments. Now it will go to committee for further debate.


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