Not only am I a strong asset in the newsroom, but I also have experience representing organizations in community outreach and public relations settings.  As a journalist I have an expert understanding of the English language and the power of strong communication, and I’ve successfully extended that ability to corporate settings as well.

I started working with the STRIPES safe rides program at the end of 2010.  Now, I’m the public relations coordinator for the organization.  I’m responsible for maintaining the organization’s positive image, handling all media inquiries, and interacting with the community on a regular basis to promote STRIPES.  I’m also in charge of writing and distributing press releases during the program’s important milestones.

I worked with Emmis Communications in the summer of 2011 as a community outreach team member.  During this time I worked with other members of Emmis Community Outreach to promote a public safety initiative for IU Health and Riley Hospital for Children.  I was a public representative of all three organizations, and the program was altogether a huge success.